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Air Cargo

We Provide Air Cargo services to our customers, the airport used as of now for air cargo facilitation is Tribhuwan International Airport (TIA) in Kathmandu Valley and we can provide services through all the airlines that fly to and from TIA.

Sea Cargo

We provide sea cargo facilities through Kolkata port of Kolkata, India. The consignments are first cleared from one of the various customs offices present alongside the Nepalese/ Indian border and then transported on the containers they were loaded at the point of origin through trucks or trains to Kolkata, India.

Air Sea Cargo

We provide the service of Air Sea Cargo to our customers, where the consignments preliminary use air cargo and then sea cargo facility to reach the destination. The consignments leave Nepal from Tribhuwan International Airport to the seaport of customers’ choice and then sea cargo service is used to reach the point of delivery.


Courier service mode is used for documents and small parcels. It is not advised for bulk consignments. However, we advise consultation with our staff to ensure you have no difficulty in using the courier service. The service we offer range from priority express service, economy express service, and economy mail service.

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LILA LOKTAM Teleport Import and Export Ltd.

"BlueStar Cargo has been our preferred delivery service for the past few years. They have been very accommodating to our business needs and have provided us with a professional, knowledgeable staff. We have built great working relationships with their team. BlueStar Cargo's Staff has always provided us with a punctual service and professionalism. Based on our experience, anyone looking for a reliable delivery service should be very pleased with BlueStar Cargo. We look forward to continuing and growing our relationship"

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