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Why choose us ?

  1. Innovative solutions that are tailor-made for your requirements
  2. Contemporary services related to the whole supply chain and procurement
  3. Key strategic partners to help you expand your business
  4. A partner who knows what you need and will help you in any circumstances, and
  5. All for the cost of one, that is choosing Blue Star Cargo

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With 15 years of experience in the field of cargo and courier service, we are constantly upgrading our services to meet your needs and requirement. We believe in working in partnership with our clientele and are here for you when you want to expand your business or even more so when you want solutions. We are here to make your supply chain efficient, help you with the trade, or simply help you with your parcels to and from loved ones.

How we operate?

Our Vision

BlueStar Cargo was established to fulfill the requirements of our clientele. This in the past was to assist delivery of consignments, which expanded into assistance in trade and now has been providing integrated services in supply chain and procurement, trade (both import and export), and multinational finance. So we have expanded our business forte and that is especially for you, our clients.

To put it in simple words our vision from the start has always been “to provide the best service to our clientele and be the best in the business doing so.”

Cost Optimization

We can optimize the costs according to the needs.

Reduced Transit Time

We make sure your delivery is right on time.

How we operate?

Our Mission

Our mission is to “provide the integrated supply chain services to our clientele”. For this, we have partnered with various other business organizations, that are specialists in their own respective fields. For import and export, we have IWIC Nepal Trading Pvt. Ltd., for trade assistance we have Gurkha Store in Hong Kong, and for financial activities analysis and assistance in multinational finance, we have YangShila Investment Pvt. Ltd.

We provide courier services through BlueStar Express and have aligned our businesses with United Business Express (UBX) in Hong Kong and expect to work with them in other parts of the world as well in near future. We have aligned with the local couriers and logistics in Nepal to help you with your business.

Worldwide Delivery

We aim to be your ultimate choice for worldwide delivery.

Customer Satisfaction

Our top priority is to fulfill all your logistic needs.

We are the best in the business and are proud to deliver you

Your consignments; private or commercial is of great value to you. Whether it is a personal gift for loved ones or goods to meet your client’s demands, we know the significance.